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  • GDFI has focused on a win-win strategy through globalization by cooperative system between
    domestic CRO(GDFI) and Multinational CRO. In order to support a new drug development and launch in global market the process of a new drug development includes preclinical studies, Phase I, Phase II,
    Phase III and Phase IV globally after NDA (New Drug Approval).

  • For the rapid progress of clinical trials, GDFI has established partnership with Global CROs having
    expertise in pharmaceuticals and medical device etc. and plays the role as a collaborator during all
    phases of new drugs and medical devices development.

  • Establishing partnership with Global CROs, GDFI holds CRO networking to meet the requirements of
    a sponsor. GDFI maintains the most updated and the best quality and please do not hesitate to ask us if you need any help for a new product development.